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Dale Curtis Stolz:

Dale was a special boy. He was born on March 1st

2005. He was always happy. Dale was loved by

many and touched everyone who met him.

Dale had a laugh that would brighten any one’s day.

He had his own way of communicating his feelings

and needs. He was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder when he was 9 months old.

This caused delays in his speech, eating habits, physical development and every

other area you could think of. This was very difficult on his family. At the age of one

he began multiple therapies and doctor visits a week. He also had

numerous tests administered and a couple of surgeries. When he got something as

simple as a common cold he would wind up in the hospital for days at a time. His

family was told that the specialists could not say whether he would get “better” or

not. Despite his limited abilities he never gave up trying to improve.

He didn’t know there was anything wrong and to look at him you wouldn’t either. He

was very small for his age and most people just assumed he was younger than he

was. Dale passed away on March 16th 2008, just 2 weeks after his 3rd birthday. Dale’s

special needs put a financial strain on his family. Now that Dale has passed they set

up the Dale Curtis Stolz Foundation. One of its primary goals are to help local families

in similar situations. That could mean something as simple as helping to make a

payment on a bill. Many of the government funded programs do not offer assistance

to the people that need just a little help. We thank you for your help in supporting this